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Pandit jii is a world renowned Astrologist (24 times Gold medallist) , who believes planets influence our lives and has used his knowledge to help countless people. He has extensive knowledge of Vedic Astrology and the complete spiritual literature. He is well versed in all spiritual prayers to appease planets and invoke Gods and Goddesses and is a Tantra mantra specialist. Also a widely known Relationship expert, he has helped many people attain perfect relationships and win their lost love back through his undisputed mastery and rituals to attract others.


Love Life Astrology

Love life readings have helped thousands of people all over the world. And I can help you in this area as well. Below are just a few ways that a love life reading can help you..... Our romantic daily love horoscopes and relationship astrology section updates daily for all zodiac signs.

Love Marriage 

Love marriage specialist is person who knows the way of love marriage. Love is a part of soul of human body. Love marriages are not new to the Indian Society. There are numerous instances in the history when boy married the girl of his choice or vice versa.

Kundly Match Making

Kundli is graphical representation of 9 planets-Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, across a number of houses (representing the solar system) at time of your birth in a specific method developed by ancient yogis etc..

Love Problems

Love problem is a big problem for coupal.in this problem coupal are very sad .We work hard to bring you the best free love horoscopes for yearly, monthly, weekly and daily.Love horoscope forecasts and romantic astrology predictions are hand-picked from the best relationship..

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love match making

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Love Match Making Astrological compatibility consideration is not only a mere ancestral practice but is a way to get the knowledge regarding the nature, features, love and the social communication features of the people.


husband wife dispute

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A husband wife relation is one of the most special relationships in life as it is formed by marital union, which is considered holy in our country because it is the union of two solve....


intercast love marriage

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Inter-caste love marriage is where two people from different castes seek union as a ... For an inter-caste couple who have met, dated, fell in love and want to be ....

customers views

Punam Ghoswal (M.P.)
I was passing through tough time and was facing problem in my love life. Then, one of my close friend suggested taking the advice of Astrologer Shastri Ji. He suggested me certain things and with his recommendations, now I am leading a happy love life.


Deepika Yadav (Oddissa India)
Few years back, I met Shastri Ji. I was very depressed about my career. I was facing trouble in business. He gave me the perfect solution for this problem. I followed his advice and now I am a successful businessman with the blessings of Shastri Ji.


Dr.Bhupendra Kumar(Maharasrta)
My wife & I was having troubled marriage life. The quarrel was the frequent scene. Then, my neighbor told me about the Shastri Ji. I met him. He gave me solution which has again brought happiness in my life. 


Ayesha Fernadees (U.K. England)
Hi, I am Ayesha from U.K. There are problems in our life when we are helpless and are in search a solution. My husband was a victim of Male Ego and our relation was becoming worse day by day.Pandit Ji brought magical changes in our life. I thank God that I consulted Pandit Ji for my problems.


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